Friday 10 April 2020

Combat COVID-19 with SteraMist

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Burke’s DKI SteraMist System

Backed by innovative binary ionization technology, the SteraMist system is our No. 1 weapon to fight global contamination. 

Binary ionization technology (BIT) is a patented two-step process that activates and ionizes a 7.8 percent hydrogen peroxide sole active ingredient based solution into a fine mist known as ionized hydrogen peroxide. The release of this mist can cause disruption in cells allowing for disinfection or decontamination.

And what can the SteraMist process have the power to do?

It can:

  • Kill bacteria.
  • Kill fungal spores.
  • Inactivate viral cells.

In short, it will provide quick decontamination of targeted areas, objects, and large spaces.

Keeping your home or business clean and clear of contaminating elements is our top priority at Burke’s DKI. Our emergency teams are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to help sterilize your space and ease your mind.

Contact us today to ask one of our experts how the SteraMist process can decontaminate your home or business.