Emergency Tree Removal

Tree removal requires special care to avoid further property damage.

Burke's Restoration Tree Removal

When a tree falls on a building, the property damage can range from minor to massive. To avoid making the damage worse, we recommend using a restoration company to remove the fallen tree or heavy branches. They'll know how to strategically and carefully remove the tree while immediately covering the damaged areas until reconstruction is possible. Burke's Restoration of Spokane and Northern Idaho offers tree removal services because we know how crucial this step in the process is. 

Emergency Tree Removal Services by Burke's Restoration:

  • Careful Tree, Branch, and Other Debris Removal
  • Immediate Roof Tarping or Board Up As Necessary
  • 24/7 Emergency Service
  • Storm Damage Insurance Claims Assistance

Why Choose Burke's Restoration?

  1. Serving Your Local Area Since 1985
  2. 24/7 Emergency Response
  3. Insurance Claims Assistance
  4. Licensed, Bonded, and Insured
  5. Advanced Certification Training
  6. Full-Service Restoration From Demo to Rebuild
  7. 3D Site Imaging with Matterport

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Spokane and Northern Idaho Tree Removal Services

Avoid Further Property Damage
Avoid Further Property Damage

You probably aren't the only property dealing with fallen trees after a storm or weather event. Hire a reputable tree removal service like Burke's Restoration rather than letting your neighbor tackle your fallen tree with a chainsaw.

Emergency Board Up and Roof Tarping
Emergency Board Up and Roof Tarping

A fallen tree will inevitably leave behind structural damage that exposes your home's interior to the elements. After the tree is carefully removed, our team is already in place to tarp over the roof and secure boards over any gaps.

Insurance Claims Assistance
Insurance Claims Assistance

Most tree removal companies have no idea how to deal with insurance companies, leaving the property owner to seek reimbursement on their own. Burke's Restoration will include the tree removal in the scope of your insurance claim. 

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