Winter Water Damage Restoration

Winter Water Damage Repair & Restoration Services in Northern Idaho and Spokane, WA

Winter's cold temperatures can cause major water damage to your home when pipes freeze and burst. Frozen pipes are a common occurence in many of our area's homes. A reputable water damage restoration company like Burke's can work side-by-side with a plumber to repair the pipe and cleanup the water damage.

At Burke's Restoration our Water Damage restoration team is here for all the issues – including the emergencies that pop up with no warning. We consistently stay up-to-date with the latest technology and cutting-edge equipment, making our restoration service and quality the best in the Spokane area.

Winter Water Damage

What to Expect with Our Frozen and Burst Pipes Services

As soon as water is turned off, both the plumbing repairs and the water damage restoration can begin. We work in tandem with local plumbers to take care of the mess caused by frozen and burst pipes. 

Once any standing water is extracted, we use state-of-the-art moisture meters to determine how far the water spread behind walls, under floors and across ceilings. We then set up powerful dehumidifiers to strategically begin drying any affected structures. The water damage mitigation ends with careful reconstruction and rebuild of any materials that needed to be removed to thoroughly dry the area and prevent mold growth. 

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Examples of Winter-Related Water Damage

Interior Frozen Pipes
Interior Frozen Pipes

Any plumbing that runs along the exterior walls of the house are vulnerable to bursting when the outside temperature drops. Standing water expands when frozen and can break the pipe or disconnect at the joints.

Outdoor Water Systems

The faucets and spigots on the side of your house are one of the most common sources of water damage. If water is permitted to sit in those adjacent pipes, they are likely to freeze, and the pipes will break in the spring when the faucet is turned back on. 

Ice Dams

Heavy snow on the roof can cause ice to accumulate at the eaves. When that ice melts, it can go under the shingles and trickle down the inside of your exterior walls, soaking the insulation and causing major damage.

Water Damage Insurance Claims

Many types of winter-related water damage can actually be covered through your insurance policy. We can help you help you document the cause of the water damage to back up your insurance claim. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Leaving sink cabinet doors ajar allows warm air to circulate around the pipes to help keep them from freezing. Wrapping pipes near exterior walls will also help protect them from freezing.

Infrared heat lamps or space heaters can gently thaw frozen pipes if you notice frost accumulation. Be careful not to heat the pipes too aggressively, though, as that may cause them to burst as well. Remember never to leave a heat source unattended to avoid fires.

Pipes running along exterior walls, especially below ground level, are prone to freezing and bursting during cold weather.

Temperatures 20 degrees Fahrenheit or less, sustained for 3 days or more, are likely to cause frozen pipes. If the weather is also windy, any temperature below 32 degrees Fahrenheit can also create a frozen pipe situation.

Inexpensive styrofoam spigot covers go a long way to prevent the adjacent plumbing from freezing, as well as draining any water from those faucets after shutting off their water supply inside the building. Most homeowners forget this important step, only to have their basements or crawl spaces flood in the spring when they turn their outdoor faucets on for the first time after winter.

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